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Data Communications & Networking [slides + course text]

Hello Course Participants,

I am excited to be your facilitator for the Data Communications & Networking course.
This 3-credit course provides a management level overview of the fundamental technical concepts, knowledge and terminologies essential for an understanding of telecommunications technology and computer networks for data, voice, image and video communications, including wireless communications. The role of Internet technology – intranet and extranets – in data communications will be explored. Through case studies and illustrations, an overview of network topologies for the essential of Local Area Network (LAN), Metropolitan Area Network (MAN), and Wide Area Network (WAN) will be discussed. In addition, students will be introduced to network security, privacy, authentication and their policy implications from management perspectives would be examined.

Available Course Downloads

  1. Course outline
  2. Course text
  3. Session 1 slides
  4. Session 2 slides
  5. Session 3 slides
  6. Session 4 slides
  7. Session 5 slides
  8. Session 6 slides
  9. Session 7 slides
  10. Session 8 slides
  11. Session 9 slides
  12. Session 10 slides
  13. Session 11 slides

Communicate… and be networked!




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