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Research + Publications

Journal Articles

  1. Budu, J. and Boateng, R. (2015). Mobile Service Capabilities: Evidence from a Ghanaian Mobile Service ProviderInternational Journal of E-Services and Mobile Applications, 7(3), 1-17
  2. Boateng, R., Budu, J. and Boateng, S.L. (2012), E-Commerce Capabilities of a Ghanaian Used Car Retailer. Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies Collection, 2(1), 1-13. Available at SSRN:
  3. Boateng. R., Longe, O., Isabalija, R.S. and Budu, J. (2011) ‘SAKAWA’ – Cybercrime and Criminality in Ghana, Journal of Information Technology Impact, 11, (2), 85-100.

Book chapter

  1. Budu, J., and Boateng, R. (2014) Dominant Issues and Conceptual Approaches to Mobile Business Research from 2005 – 2013. In Wei, J (Ed.), Mobile Electronic Commerce: Foundations, Development and Applications, Taylor and Francis

Conference papers

  1. Budu, J. and Boateng, R., “Dominant Issues and Conceptual Approaches in Mobile Business Research From 2005-2012” (2013). 2013 International Conference on Mobile Business. Paper 4. Available at | Conference presentation here
  2. Budu, J. and Boateng, R. (2011) Clicking the Next Leader, Conference Paper – Proceedings of the Africa Digital Week, July 25-29, Accra, Ghana: African Institute of Development Informatics and Policy
  3. Boateng, R., Aimasso, S. and Budu, J. (2011) A Framework for Localization of Free and Open Source Software for Developing Countries, In Book of Proceedings of  ICT For Africa 2011. March 23-26, Covenant University, Nigeria: International Center of ICT and Development, Baton Rouge, USA.
  • Research Interests
    1. Enterprise information systems
    2. Mobile business
  • Upcoming Research Projects
  1. A review of enterprise content management research
  2. A paper on strategic implications of social media

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