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My Teaching Resolutions

9 February 2016

Though I have teacher training, I have not had the opportunity to resolve so strongly to change my primitive teaching methods. My first teaching position was to teach computing skills a high school. There was no course structure; the teacher owns the curriculum. I barely knew what to teach (in a structured manner), or even how to present what I knew; imagine teaching word processing in a classroom without computers. Oh, I did not have teacher training at the time – 2002.

Then I went to another high school for teacher training internship – 2008/2009. We held our classes in the classroom for some time – to cover the theory – then we moved to the lab, full of computers (only about 5/40 students had to pair). I could teach word processing skills better than in 2002.

Then in 2014 I had to deliver some training to an initial set of government workers in the use of Alfresco to manage digital content at the workplace. I was happy back then about what I did, but now I think I could have done better. Such regret has become even more grave after I attended a seminar on teaching and learning in higher education. The concepts, techniques and tools discovered there has informed me to make the following [working] resolutions as I embark on my fifth semester teaching undergraduate information systems courses;

  1. I will stop lecturing, and rather facilitate learners’ construction of knowledge; I will add activities in my courses to prevent a boring class.
  2. Every semester, I will undertake a survey of students to know their individual learning styles.
  3. I will use a learning management system to enhance engagement with my learners.
  4. I will make my learners keep a diary of how much time they spend learning my course.
  5. I will include meta-cognitive learning outcomes in my course; my learners will have blogs to share reflections on learning activities.
  6. I will make students craft higher-order assessment items that they will answer themselves for scoring.
  7. I will engage in teaching scholarship, and take evidence-based decisions to enhance my teaching activities.

If you are an educator, kindly share with me any resolutions you have made, or will make. If you are a learner, let me know your expectations of a teacher and a learning environment, or describe a learning environment which has been helpful to you.


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