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Designing Engaging Content for Social Media

18 October 2013


Over the last weekend, I had to give a presentation on designing engaging content for social media at a seminar on fashion design. In fact I was standing in for my Dr. Richard Boateng my inspirational academic and career mentor. It was quite unexpected, yet I took up the challenge.
I confessed at the start of the presentation that I was intimidated by my fellow presenters’  and organisers accents. Yet, having arrived about 3 hours earlier to the start of the programme, I got to mingle, socialise, and calm my nerves. Then the room thermostat started. The air-conditioning was freezing. “It’s at 24”, the technician said. I begged to turn it up to 25 at least. He would not agree.
I shook uncontrollably before, during and after I presented. It wasn’t at all pleasant. Yet, I am grateful to my mitochondrion for withstanding to at least allow me to finish speaking, answer some questions and refold my arms. You can go through the slides below.


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