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Honesty is the best policy!

9 April 2013


Yesterday, 8 April, I attended the University of Ghana Business School (UGBS) Conference on Business and Development. One of the presenters in my track did something I had read from Larry King’s book “How to talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime”. He was honest that he was nervous because it was his first time presenting at an academic conference.

The whole room was dead silent, and paid more attention to him. It seemed that even though everyone wants to impress everybody, it takes much effort to be honest about your situation which if genuinely expressed seems to win people over. This lesson could be extended in other areas of our lives; marriage, governance, and friendship. Be honest, it pays! In the end, both parties gain!

When was the last time you needed to be honest? Why did you need to be honest? How did you express it? How did it end up?


  1. Prince permalink

    simple truth

  2. Prince permalink

    simple truth…

  3. This is true, I have so many friends I don’t even remember some of their names but they remember mine because I am so honest. People will love you for being honest with them.

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