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Ode to Cleanliness

5 April 2013


I am told about your closeness
To the owner of godliness
If humans are gods ourselves
Why don’t we have clean shelves

Whether it’s deliberate or not
I can’t understand how many a spot
Could get so littered and dirty
Disgustingly smelly and so filthy

Generating all kinds of pests and ills
Tho we know malaria kills
We would rather invest in nets and sprays
Than to teach cleanliness in our plays

If it’s ignorance, are our leaders
As ignorant as truckpushers
Go to campuses and see the elite litter
You’d wonder if they can decipher

And lead our nation to spotlessness
We all have a role nevertheless
Just by putting trash where it belongs
And I bet we’ll soon join the clean throngs

Copyright © 2013 | Joseph Budu


From → Illustory, Poems

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