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Vodafone’s unwarranted service subscriptions

19 January 2013

Vodafone subscriptionHey folks,
if you have the habit of not reading, you may have to break it or be ready to lose some cash to the mobile telecom companies in Ghana. It seems that customers are tired of the so-called value-added services, and are either unsubscribing from them or not subscribing at all. These services have the tendency to tell you the nice part of a service or promotion but never how to exit from it nor the subscription charge.

See the screenshot of a message I received this morning for a 15-day trial subscription to a service I do not need. I have some questions to ask. Why doesn’t the message inform me about the service, and then give me the options to subscribe for the so-called trial run. Vodafone subscribes and asks me to unsubscribe if I want. How much I may pay to do so, I don’t even know. What happened to self-service, in a world-class company apparently the most valuable in Ghana or the world. On my part, this is a good reason to port because I don’t know what coming next. After all, I’ve been nursing some injuries; having to spend more than 25p/day before I can talk for 3p/m the following morning from 5 – 7am (to other vodafone numbers). So if this is possible why not give this to the customer directly – this is conditional. And to add insult, they send me this message

vodafone newsTell me some of the positives in Africa! Tell me what we are doing right! And stop dampening my spirit all the time! Exit Vodafone (after I unsubscribe from this useless service… then enter new network… may be MTN, what do you suggest?

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