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The role of ‘educated media’ towards 1Ghana

19 January 2013

Citi FM dialDear Mum,

Whether people believe it or not, there is some perception of division and/or polarisation in our 1 Ghana. What’s my evidence? The overt and covert theme of TV, FM and SM discussions. In the first week of January, I’ve been associated with different parties just because of questions I have posed in conversations.

I was chatting with two friends who are of the view that the current court contest initiated by runner-up party in the 2012 presidential election is not necessary, and that they should let peace prevail. One suggested the possibility of chaos if the Supreme Court should overturn the result. So I asked “why should there be chaos?”. The response was that do I think the supporters of the winning party would also agree to the verdict in peace? “Why shouldn’t they”, I asked. That was it, I had my first tagging… I had affection for the contesting party. “You people think you should rule the country at all cost, you are dividing the country”. I had patience, and posed another question. “Do you believe in the 1992 Constitution?”, they won’t answer. I continued nonetheless. (Apart from God) that constitution  whether you believe in or not guarantees our safety. The same defines how we should be governed. In it is set rules as to how governers should be selected, and thus gives room for aggrieved parties to seek redress. You tagging me changes nothing.

I received my other tagging in a discussion with another friend when I asked why the aggrieved party would not accept the election results in good faith to enhance cohesion.  So I ask whether we as a people cannot raise, discuss and resolve issues dispassionately but objectively? I know it is the reality, but realities are subject to change. I believe that when elections are over, we should all damp our party and ethnic colours and wear those of the nation. After all Ghanaians would benefit from a prosperous Ghana. Our individual actions count and could make a difference as Pres Mahama said on his inauguration (whether permanent or temporary). This is where the media comes in. Why not invite/call panelists or politicianinterviewees based on their professional competence and relevance to a discussion topic, instead of giving the politicians the platform to entrench division amongst the people. Kudos to Citi FM for showing the way in this regard – what Bernard refers to as ‘educated media’.  God bless our homeland, 1 Ghana.


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