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Merry Barclays By-pass

21 December 2012
savings withdrawal slip

Barclays (Ghana) Bank Savings account withdrawal slip

Hope you are doing well. Do you still operate your Barclays savings account? Well mine’s till operational, but I’ve recently thought of closing it because of latest developments with the service. For instance;

1. If you make more than two withdrawals from the ATM in a month, you pay 3 cedis per each subsequent withdrawal.
2. You cannot use the savings withdrawal slip outside your domicile branch. i.e. you need to apply for and use a savings withdrawal booklet (which costs 3 cedis) before you can make a non-ATM withdrawal from a branch where you don’t have your account.

My domicile branch is in town, and because of the ATM restriction plus the 400-cedi daily withdrawal limit I’ve had to go to the CBD to make withdrawals. It could be terribly stressful. I have observed that the savings withdrawal slips are hoarded by the customer service reps and issued out only if they confirm that your account is held in their branch. Sometimes it is so irritating to wait in a long queue just for a withdrawal slip, because the booklet with I applied for 3 months ago has still not arrived. So I’ve scanned the slip to send copies with me in the bank when I need to; to swerve the ‘collection’ queue. You could download and print for use in your domicile branch. You could also try it out in your non-domicile branch; the teller may not observe. If s/he does, it is not a crime, s/he’ll just advise you use the ATM or go to your domicile branch. Wishing you easy banking.
Your son,

NB: there’s no copyright notice on the slip…lol

One Comment
  1. Gabs permalink

    You are just too much bro. I don’t think using a scanned copy of the slip is tantamount to a crime is you rightly said. Just using the brain to outwit them. The SMARTEST MOVE if you ask me. Great job bro.

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