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Sour…and then sweetest!

19 November 2012

She got my number from a source
Texting began when we hadn’t met
Twas so natural with no opposing force
Asking myself if this were a gauntlet

First meeting didn’t delay at all
Twas but a few days during fasting
I couldn’t help but roll an eye ball
Cos seeing her was so captivating

From infancy I’ve never had that strike
That people talk about when they met love
For her the closest I felt was a spike
But I want to believe could still be from above

Her first gift to me was pleasing
A gold-plated leather wrist-watch
To the dials were not turning
Twas so nice just like a Swatch

Didn’t want just to be a tagalong
So patiently worked that special bond
Using communication  didn’t take too long
To spill the beans about us being fond

She looks so innocent like a baby
And has a body just like a model
As if she knew nothing entirely
Let her speak and you will marvel

Throughout life she had been a giver
To those with plenty and those who lack
Hadn’t been much of life’s receiver
But she believes His hands never slack

Now the bond’s intense I need a brake
Can’t get it without a presentation
In a fix to tell the truth or to fake
Either way’s to a future sans confrontation

Some truth’s been told and the tops are off
It’s threatening to cause a ricochet
Even in this mess it’s my hat I doff
Cos none’s with right to otherwise say

Say what thou wilt as thou wanteth
I don’t care much nor given a damn
All our prayers to the One who provideth
He’ll perfect His will and save us from harm


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