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A song for Nana Darkoa

19 November 2012

Now my eyes are welling up
Let me get out of here before I burp
Cos I cannot stand the emotion
Neither can I stabilise the fluctuation

Yet I want to stay
By continuing to say
That sticking closer than a brother indeed
Is part of the Loving Father’s creed

It may come with some ups and downs
But He’s sure to give some crowns
To you Nana I must admit your style
Even your frown comes with a smile

Now what but a promise to thee
That whenever I can a brother I’ll be
Cos sticking closer to you
Has its own tweaks anew

So in this endeavour
I would remember
That you appreciate what I do
For me I count it as normal tho

Yet I pray for strength to do for you
Anything I could afford all anew
And even tho you see me stick closer
Nothing I can do to beat (y)our mother

For us, if one gets the first smile happily
The other waits for the second patiently
Cos we understand the ups and downs
And that the Father rewards all the crowns

Even in times when I think I want to leave
Something comes to enhance the cleave
Still I believe I can say effortlessly
That O Darkoa, thou art lovely


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