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Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

30 October 2012

Didn’t know what to put up as foreign. Then I saw Colline’s representation.  To me it could pass for Weekly Photo Challenge: Hysterical too. I remembered a taller version of that loo, which I saw in Yaounde, Cameroon during a conference in March 2010. I was perplexed, but I soon realised I had no need to even ask the guy at the counter. As a plumber’s son, I just figured out that water would flow from the hanging hose, and go through the floor drain. Meanwhile (obviously) I would use the pot as usual. The only foreign part is the combined toilet and bath (in one small space).

Combined Loo and Bath (@at Ndianji Hotel, Yaonde, Cameroon)


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  1. Now it would take some getting used to for me to use this as a bath! 🙂

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