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My early monies!

25 September 2012

I would like to consider this one as my first job because of the ‘officiality’ it had around it. I had just completed senior high school and some online computer hardware course. I did not know the next step forward; my mom had left for Heaven, while my dad was busy making money and thinking out how to move on (with four boys) without mom and a stable job.

I accepted to help my auntie out in her office; she needed help using some new computer that had been installed for her. I saw it as volunteering because I was neither paid nor officially recognised for this service. I joined her on the staff bus to work every morning for about a month. After-work hours extended to the boss’ home; once to install a computer, and another a speaker or so. I squeezed fun out of all these tasks. Additionally, it was fun for some two officers to pull each other’s legs and cause laughter in the office anytime they returned or about to go for their routine field visits.

One day, I was quizzed by one of my auntie’s friend who came to the office from a sub-office. She asked me if I could teach computers. I replied in the negative. She wouldn’t take that for answer, just because my senior high school needed an IT instructor. I finally agreed to make the interview, which I passed. I was 17 at the time (in March), and so was advised to wait till April before beginning work. I was to earn about $70/month. My workplace and schedule was changed overnight, from some unknown volunteer to an instructor. Little did I know of the other ‘burdens’ attached to this change.

On the job, I learnt to type with Mavis Beacon, because I did not like my typing speed. When the other teachers got to know of this, almost material (from personal letters to examination questions) found their way through the computer room to my desk. Two reasons came up; (i) that I was a small boy, and their student (ii) I proofread as I typed. Anyways, I stayed for about 2.5 years before thankfully leaving to pursue my first degree. All in all, it was quite an experience – one I’d hold on to, keeping the ups up, and the downs where they belong, down!

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