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What the fuss about BIOMETRIC!

20 July 2012


Sup Mam…
Need I ask you how many biometric identification documents you have? At least, I should expect you have three; passport, drivers license and recently the voters card… while expecting the national ID. If you intend to join any government-subvented institution soon, then be ready for another b-card. Hm.. and in the unlikely event that you wish to enroll for a course at the uni, then add a thicker wallet/purse to your shopping list.

What the mock are all these biometric things for? I continue to ask myself… and what the pause-look-and-listen-and-think-twice are all the IT and database administrators and CIO/CTOs in these organisations doing. The National Identification Authority uses tax payers’ money to do a nation-wide registration of everyone (minors and majors) in the country. Chits are issued.. then they go around again to issue the printed IDs. Then Electoral Commission goes around to do same. So can’t EC run a simple query for those aged 18 and above to get qualified voters? Can Attorney-General or whoever pays government workers do same for their required data? You want to keep reinventing the wheel with the materials? Even the banks have stopped issuing their own IDs; how do they verify the authenticity of IDs presented to them by customers? Now I understand the disconnect… the bureaucrats know little but nothing about IT; they won’t learn.. but would connive to exploit the system… the technical people too have their own way of doing same…fueled by their ignorance in business goals. So we bring the CIO… what do they do to help the situation? Mum, I am asking.


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