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Verily, just by the Word of God!

20 July 2012


This is supposed to be an image summarising an entire choreography at church on Easter Sunday. Have been thinking about how best to put this… finally decided to type by divine inspiration. Something far better than the passion that drives me for most posts.

Effortfully recollecting, the devil (character in mask on the left) attacked a man at night. The attack resulted in the man losing all of belongings (perhaps like Job). He did not know what to do. Being a professional, he hired the services of a lawyer, who he went with to take revenge on the devil. They had to flee. Then he consulted a fetish priestess (and her assistant). The three came together to fight the devil back; they had to run for cover. There was a third and/or fourth consultant who couldn’t offer any much help. The last and best person to be consulted was the man with the Word of God (the Holy Bible) – the Pastor. He cast the devil to release all the stolen possessions. Finally the devil in addition to the other ‘consultant’ abandoned their leaking strongholds got saved and followed the Pastor.

Lesson: the Old Book stands forever. Though planets fall to dust, the Old Book (and the contents therein) stand forever. No situation we currently face is permanent. It could be turned around (for the better) using the pure Word of God – in prayer and meditation. This is no way portraying it is as easy as was in the sketch, but that it is possible. Stealing a line from (Dr.) Robert Schuller; if I reach a mountain, I would dig a tunnel through it… if it is too hard to dig through, I will climb it (to the other side)… if it is too high/steep to climb, I will stay and turn it into a gold mine. No matter the situation, the only excuse you’ve got is to succeed.

God bless you.

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