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Humble beginnings, great end!

20 July 2012


Even though sometimes my ears hurt when Papa keeps telling me stories about how you guys met, your first home until you took the lead, I have decided to focus on the one subtle lesson I get from during and after each rendition – humble beginnings, great ends. It’s not as if it humble beginnings = great ends (automatically). I understand that, some tough decisions have to be made. Perseverance and the spirit of of positivism have to be inculcated else, the boys would have to remain boys (still humble).

One also need to be prepared to take opportunities as and when they arrive. I believe that there is enough for everyone, and that when one door closes, another (or many more as some say) is/are opened. Still it doesn’t hurt to take the first one that opens especially when you realise that some people want to wait for the second bus (after all, there would be enough space for all). Imagine me in 2005. Qualification to pursue B.Ed IT was dependent on a minimum of aggregate 24 and a special attention on at least D in Core Maths. I made the move, and thankfully got to sit with 143 other people in class. The following year, applicants needed a C in Maths; even now one needs a B. So if this is the qualification one really wants, it means a resit (which doesn’t guarantee an improvement albeit.

So, while down there, look ahead into the big picture. See where you would like to fit, and begin working towards it.. and as Rhonda Byrne describes it, the universe (God in my instance) would arrange itself (people, places and events) in your favour – to push towards fitting in that space. Mum, you enjoy your weekend with belief that the coming weeks would be full of clean opportunities you can grab towards a great end. Lots of love from you son,


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