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Fix ’em overflows, will ya!

20 July 2012

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Now what mum,They keep complaining to the President; “we don’t have water in Adenta… we don’t have water in Pokuase… we don’t have water in here and there”. I can bet on my laptop’s spacebar that the amount of potable water running unused can solve a big percentage of such complains. Yet, such complaining individuals work in places that have water storage tanks like in the three images. They look on unconcerned forgetting that all the water going waste could have been running through conduits to their homes. Call Ghana Water’s 0800, and it’s as if you are a bother. Damn! What kind of people are we… not solving the problems we complain about. Need I tell you that the first tank is on top of an educational institution whose washrooms on the uppermost floor are mostly dry; yet the water tanks over when refilled – the tanks service the lower floors. I asked the cleaner, “doesn’t the plumber know about this?” “Oh, he know”, he replied. Sometimes I close the stopcock but I can’t be monitoring this all the time, mum. My solution, Ghana Water agents send bills around to consumers once a month. They should be tasked to do routine checks (the other 15 or more days they don’t have to send bills around), record and forward them to maintenance for redress. Citizens, let us fix such leakages. What goes around comes around. Let’s report pipe bursts when we them. If we won’t do our part, let the president rest and think about bigger issues. Mum, let’s do a quick check; our sinks, or backyard taps, water closets.. all plumbing fixtures. I’m making a check list for us.. see you soon.

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