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Biometric Voting Registration Exercise in Ghana 2

6 April 2012

Continued from here

So at the next stage, one submits the registration form to the next official.

Voter Registration Form

It looks like she/he enters the info on the form unto the computer, then asks you to place your fingers on a scanner. Then you sit down and have your picture taken. You then have the ID printed out for you.

Registration Equipment... fingerprint scanner, computer with camera, a printer, and what looks like backup battery.

The interesting part... the lady here, takes the registration form and the printed sheet which has your ID card too. She tears the ID off and laminates it for you. Then she makes you dip your little left finger in indelible ink. While she's doing so, the guy there, takes a part of the form and records your name in his notebook, then asks for your phone number. I overheard him tell someone he was a 'polling agent'. That I don't understand because this was not a polling exercise. I decided to tell him I didn't have a phone number... and I did when he asked me. He looked perplexed. This is what I suspected.. collecting a list of phone numbers of eligible voters so they can send spam SMS and propaganda during the election period. I'm out!


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