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Biometric Voting Registration Exercise in Ghana 1

6 April 2012

Dear Mum,
I hope you are doing good.
Has the Electoral Commission been to your cluster yet? … and have you registered for your biometric voter’s ID card yet? Well for me, I missed one cluster during the first phase on our school campus. However, I took the chance afforded by the Good Friday holiday to get my card. I woke up 5 a.m. and headed for the Mensah Sarbah Hall center at 5.30. Lol.. there was a list.. I wrote my name at number 32. I went to roam about a while until 6.30 when I returned to the centre. ‘Luckily, the list was pulled out to reorder an impulsive queue.

...waiting patiently for the start of registration procedures... with the empty registration desk (at the far end.. even after 7.45 am)

It was Registration agents were still unsettled. 7.15.. no sign yet.. then at 7.50, the first person is called. According to my timing, it took about 5 minutes to finish at the first table. the (first) registration desk.

From here, one enters the Porter’s Lodge for the next step. This involves a mini photo shoot and the printing of ID card.

Here, one hands over the voter registration form to the official. Voter's fingerprints (what makes the card biometric) are scanned, and photograph is taken for the ID card.

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