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Security / Verification Features of the GHANACARD

19 March 2012

Dear Mum,
I hope you are doing well. Have the NIA got to your district yet? You may have to begin planning a trip to the North because I know that is where you registered. I cannot understand that even though they say it is biometric, and all the data from all the registration sites went to a central place, one has to physically turn up at the registration point to pick up the card, no matter where the person’s current location.

Mum, even more ridiculous is the (biometric) voter registration about to take place from 24 March 2012. I wonder what data would be recorded, which NIA cannot provide to the Electoral Commissioner. This is what my database management systems lecturer would call data redundancy. I have not graduated yet; neither do I have enough industry experience, so I need to watch my argument because perhaps there exists a practical reason for the collection of almost the same data about the same people of the same country by two organisations who I expected would be linked together by the same eGov (Ghana’s version of electronic governance). With almost every ID turning biometric, Mom, you may be confused, so the NIA wants to educate us on what they have been mandated to issue; the GHANACARD. See it below


The GHANACARD - front
1. Guilloches that form a continuous fine pattern.
2. Embedded ghost portrait of the cardholder which, if scratched on consistently, leaves a hold in the card.
4. Map of Ghana which changes colour depending on the tilt of the card.
5. Double Rainbow that changes colour to yellow/green depending on tilt of the card.
6. Ghana map with a star in the middle and a layer of stars attached to the left directly on ghost portrait depending on tilt of the card.
7. Ghana map with a star in the middle super-imposed on the Coat of Arms depending on the tilt of the card.
10. Ghana's Coat of Arms super-imposed on main portrait.

NB: The ID card issued to both citizens and non-citizens are the same apart from the national code in the Personal ID number (one reason that should make this card useable by the EC) Visible inscriptions on front of the card:
i. “REPUBLIC OF GHANA”              vi. Sex
ii. “National Identity Card”               vii. Date of Birth
iii. Surname                                  viii. Height
Iv. First name                                ix. Randomly-generated Personal ID Number (PIN)
v. Middle Name(s)                          x. Date of Expiry

Visible Images:
a. Ghana Flag to the left top corner
b. Ghana’s Coat of Arms to the right top corner
c. Ghost portrait of cardholder
d. Main portrait of image of cardholder
e. Map of Ghana

Mum, please continue reading here…

  1. Why are some of the cards suspended for so long?…Something must be done about it…because we have no access to it…..Thanks.

  2. can the id card used for age verification

    • huh… possibly because the registration captures your date of birth (which is printed on the card), but verification could only be done by someone who has the data from National Identification Authority, I think..

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