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Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret

13 February 2012

Regret; Obviously these players from the Ghana Senior National Football Team, the Black Stars are showing nothing but regret for failing to clinch an early lead in the semi-final encounter against Zambia (a team with a lower FIFA ranking). What's more, they failed to beat the Malian side (which they beat a few days earlier) to clinch what could have been a consoling third place. Better luck next time! Photo: Courtesy Daily Graphic 9 February 2012 Edition

OMG! One (sports)person I admire most, Didier Drogba missed a penalty, and pulled two top-shelf goals. Asamoah Gyan misses a penalty and he's bastardised. Then DD misses a penalty in the AFCON final... a game that saw him standing right beside the trophy while he shakes hiands after collecting the Fair Play trophy... a palest shadow of what he actually wanted. Obviously the look in his face right now up there is terrible regret that he did not kick the ball into the net. Is this 'golden' generation over?

  1. once I had connection with a very good photographer from Accra,
    I believe he is now in London …
    greetings from Germany

    • really… won’t hurt to have an addition.. would it… only that I shoot with a Samsung Genoa phone… lol
      Responses and greetings from Ghana!

  2. What! Not even 3rd place??
    GH man!!!

    • nope… what’s worse.. we played one man down (red card)… shows the level of frustration don’t you think so?

  3. greetings by

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