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A Writing Style worth Adopting

12 February 2012

Dear Mum,

Hope you are doing well like we are here too. My boss and mentor recommended that we send a teaching case to the Communications of the Association for Information Systems Journal. Thus, I went about surfing their website for submission guidelines among others. In addition, I found their proposed writing guide which I think is worth adopting. See the following excerpts;

Passive Voice
CAIS uses the active and not the passive voice. In active voice, the subject that does the action appears first, because in passive voice the result of the action appears first. Thus, for example,

“Traces of spyware were found by the software” should be replaced by “The software found traces of spyware”
“The new ERP system was installed successfully” should be replaced by “Computer operators successfully installed the new ERP systems”

Image from

Has, Had, Have
In English, the perfect tenses (past, present, and future) require has, had, or have. Although widely used, the results in dull, academic sounding prose that often puts readers to sleep.  Often, these words are combined with passive voice to create even duller text.  Therefore, avoid constructions involving has, have, had unless absolutely necessary.

Example: Delete has from “The business philosophy itself has changed”

Example: The following sentence uses has and is passive voice. “The availability of video on the Internet has resulted in increased offerings of online courses.”   Change to: “Online course offerings increased because video became available.”

You could download the full guide here to read more. I’m getting out here… bye for now and have a good one.
Your son, Kweku!

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