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Peace, peace, peace… That’s What it’s all about

3 November 2011

Dear Mum,

I hope you are doing well in God’s bosom. You would agree with me on the human struggle for long-lasting peace. Even in the quietest of places and the most entrenched democracies, there are some pockets of violence of some kind. However, I believe according to The Secret that what we resist persists. So in the search for peace, why fight war, crime and injustice. Why not rather promote what we seek (PEACE)… so that all our energies would be focused on peace-generating activities? It is in this light that I present a ‘modern’ and youthful rendition of Ghana’s ‘Yen ara asaase ni”; meaning ~This is our homeland~ sponsored by the World Bank, ECOWAS and the UNDP.  Enjoy and share the link with the other angels… so it encourages them to pray for God’s blessings and everlasting peace on Earth. Bye for now, Mom… enjoy… peace, Kweku~

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