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Why not ‘Black Drains’ Instead of ‘Black Wednesday’?

28 October 2011

Dear Mum,

I hope you are doing well.. especially after the torrential rains on Wednesday. According to the metro news radio today, there’s more to come. Possibly worst one. I just pray they do not hit on a Wednesday anymore.. its my day. That is not even my worry. About a month ago, riding in the cabin of a pickup truck, I yelled at a ‘gentle’man who was sweeping dust and trash into a drain right in front of his stall. “Continue sweeping into it! Continue… then wait for the rains. When they come you call out to the President for help”, I told him, nearly ending with an insult… to add to his suddenly-sullen face.

See this trash in the middle of the Kwame Nkrumah Circle? Who in Accra has never used this place before? That person should own up. No one labels the cause of the flood as black.. it rather the flood day that gets to be labelled? I thought it was only the laymen and so-called illiterates who dumped trash indiscriminately, but watch closely and see empty bottles and cans fly out of the pajeros and cruisers.. you would as my Prof would exclaim... what a shock!

Black Heap? No one's seen this either? Just in front of Vodafone headquarters, and a main post office, surrounded by so many big-time media moguls and their houses in all permutations of a compass, and en route to the next big capital of Kumasi

One of my favorite artistes, TicTac asked in one of his songs, "Who do you know?".. me I ask "Who do you blame?". My self-answer is "Don't blame anyone.. do what you can, learn what you can, improve the solution and pass it on". Citizens should make sure that any form of trash the produce (from the Tom Tom wrapper to the dishwasher box) should enter either a blue or green container. Under no circumstance whatsoever should it touch Mother Earth, lest she feels degraded and 2x down-trodden... she'll allow Brother Wind to blow 'em into the I-don't-know-why-they're-not-covered drains. We will not de-silt them either.. when it pisses down on the porous laws that have allowed poor drainage and houses and markets and waterways... both the rich and the poor suffer; only that the former have some means to resettle while the latter's situation deterioriates. Why not be be sensible from now on? Use litter bins.. after all you will be preventing floods, and Malaria AND Cholera! Which do you prefer, lose money in floods or to diseases or go through tough discipline to avoid flood and disease? S/He who has hands, let her/im litter, s/he who has brains and hands, him/her prevent.

So Mom, I believe Paradise is in eternal bliss and void of all such destructive floods. The only floods you encounter is blessing and peace. When you pour your praises to our Maker, say one of the minds of the people you have left behind, because we are killing each other physically and intellectually. Stay blessed in His Bosom…have a good weekend

Your son, Kweku
PS: Could you ask God to cause one of these tablets to come my way?

  1. bad Accra floods …

  2. kwabena kusi permalink

    left a z in citizen. check it out…. nice piece though

    • thanks man… for reading the post… and for even leaving a comment…very much helpful and appreciated… have a good one!

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