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Off to Peter Pan’s for the 2nd Time

24 October 2011

Dear Mum,

I could not resist the temptation… I went to Peter Pan’s again today.. for the second time.

Lucas would not let me have my peace to savour the good time I had here on my first visit. I had told him that subsequent visits would be on a celebratory basis... he doesn't care.. it seems the Zingy has become his craving. I can't help it.. I hope beside him.. and off we go.. like on the Peter Pan bus

While Lucas ordered two "set meals" of burger, I decided to try something new again. Instead of same portions (about $10), I opted for large portion of fried rice. I think the 'large' refers to the accompanying crisp boneless chicken not the rice, so inform your carbs enzymes ahead. Nevertheless, OMG.. it was yummy.. all for 8GHC. Took this around 4pm... its 9:12pm now.. would love to eat something, but can do with just water. Same price would fill your tummy.. but man.. the environment alone... just right!

Can’t wait to have you back.. so take you on a treat. In the mean time, allow me to explore the opportunities in the search of the right mix for your enjoyment. Bye now.. have a good one.

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