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Must-do Pack Whenever in Ghana I

29 September 2011

Ever thought of tripping to Ghana, the West Coast of Africa, then thou has thought real well. As a fan of travelling, there are certain things I wish I could still do when I visit other countries. For example, there’s naught like public transportation from Garden City to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, USA. You need to have either a bicycle, a Harley Davidson (motor cycle), a car, or the means to hail a flat rate taxi (about $200). Even the $90 I paid for an 18-hour overnight Greyhound bus ride from Penn Station to Myrtle Beach I find ridiculous; pardon my background; I had just $300 on me… lol.

So getting to go to virtually any part of Accra and back for just over $1 i consider a blessing and an affordable luxury. So again, for those of you thinking of visiting Ghana, thou art welcome.. I would be your electronic host here and now… physical hosting is beyond my scope.. e’en though I’d consider it on the basis of extensive familiarity.

If you have a map, be sure to notice and cherish street names and landmarks... cos they're not ubiquitous.

Enjoy some night life.. and have a (fore/after) taste of the Big Apple brewed in the African pot... lol

Patch 'n' Go; ever wondered how to fix the tear in your garment? You could easily get it done for less than $1. They are rare on the streets, but ask for Kantamanto in Accra's CBD.. but be careful not to scream.. O my whelm! I'm overgod!


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  1. Only wanna admit that this is extremely helpful, Thanks for taking your time to write this.

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