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My First Day in Graduate School

15 August 2011


I don’t remember you reading my essay about my first day in primary school. Neither do I remember writing my first day in senior high school. With the ultimate aim of staying in touch, I also need to share this stage of my life with you… in utter happiness. I could not wait for this day. Hey, it

Piece of my timetable

is finally here.. and the best I can do is to rejoice (temporarily), be glad (throughout the course) and put in my maximum effort (for maximum output and success).

As an assistant to Dr. Richard Boateng, I attended his Management Information Systems lecture for a first batch of MBA students at the University of Ghana Business School, then a switch over to the another lecture hall for a Technology Leadership and Knowledge Management lecture for MPhil Business Administration students; which  I am part of.  After about an hour, the second batch of MBA student trickle in for their dose of MIS. MPhil students are blended and ‘aggregated’; not overwhelmed. Could you imagine that even though online registration was over, I had not completely selected the courses I want to take this semester? The reason is confidential. I dashed out to our department to fix a ‘hitch’. There was no Management Science (which we are supposed to offer) on the timetable. It did not take time for the Course Advisor to point it out. “The people made a mistake. That is what you see there as Quantitative Methods”. I giggled (in my head).

Maa, heading back to the lecture hall, I met up with the head of department. “Have you been able to register now?”. “No sir”. “Why?”. “Sir, because not all the courses are online yet”. “No, they are all there now, go and check again now, and let

University of Ghana Business School

me know. Let me show you something (sitting behind my laptop and gaining access to some online portal for lecturers). Are these not the courses?” “Yes sir, but they are not listed on the students’ page”. “You mean to say that you have a different interface?” “Yes sir”. “Look through and tell me the courses you don’t have on your page”. “Emm, Theories in Information System, Electronic Business, Systems Analysis and Design, Research Design and Qualitative Techniques”. “Okay, I’ll work on it”. “Sometimes I don’t understand these people (mumbling away)”, “How can you have different data for students and lecturers?” Mine was just to pray for the resolution of the problem before 20 August.

After a few moments, “Where’s Richard?”. “He’s in F4, sir”. “I need to discuss something with him, I think that we should replace Management Science with Systems Analysis and Design”. NO KIDDING! Yes, no kidding. “We have a lecture this afternoon, and I think he should know about it so he can inform the MPhil students. Management Science is not a priority; they don’t need it”. I wished in that moment, that I had a jet to fly him to F4… lol. I took him there and the ‘deal’ was brokered apparently. The announcement was made. In the next few moments, we 5 MPhil students were assembling ourselves in the MIS lab for Systems Analysis. Then second year MBA students, some of whom were already seated begun entering. It was mixed feeling. I would be in the same class with friends and acquaintances made during one year of assisting Dr. Boateng in the Business School prior to my admission. Huh… there was even a senior from Accra Academy;

my high school. The lecturer improvised to begin the class (there room’s projector was being arranged from wherever). We introduced ourselves and the class went underway.

It was a mixture of boring moments (because I had some previous know

ledge of the course) and interesting moments (because of some funny comments, examples and complains from lecturer and lectured. Lecture ended. “Can we fix a problem with the timetable?” “This is a 3-hour course, and we have done only two hours because that is what the timetable says, but we still need to do that extra hour else you will lose”. “We’ll learn on


our own”, one student said. “Who knows PHP and MySQL very well?”. One Sammy volunteered to take the class for one hour of PHP to make up for the extra hour of Systems Analysis and Design. “The MPhil students should wait behind”, the lecturer said. “It will be ideal that by the end of the first year, you would have your proposal ready. So you need to start doing your literature review. Joseph, Isaac and Daniel are being supervised by Richard, so see him for discussions about the way forward. Sammy and Michael, come with me.” Class closed. I head off to Dr. Boateng’s office to do some reading and carry out a non-academic assignment.

(in regular essay-mode) Over all, I loved my first day at school because… emm… I don’t even know what shall I say… it was fun to be back in school! Wish you were here mum… it’s no big deal to come back to the classroom. I know you prefer online education because of your schedule, but nothing beats face-to-face interaction with the author of a journal article you’ll use for your literature review. Talk to you later mum… greetings to the folks.

Your son…

  1. Thanks for the helpful blog.

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