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Is this Me? Part I

29 July 2011

Hello Buddies,

I have been a bit tight over the past few weeks. I was part of a team organising the Africa Digital Week. This programme ends today… I wanted to make a post today to encourage a friend who loves to write. However, he’s giving the same old excuse that “I won’t have time looking at my schedule.

They say if you can’t advise or have nothing to say, tell your own story. This is then my story. I started a blog My first blog was on blogspot. I really didn’t know why I created it. I guess I wanted to tag along with the changing times. I have deleted that account because my boss mentioned WordPress in this MIS lectures. Here, I saw a very inviting interface, that makes me visit it more often… even more than FB. After reading one of the WP’s help information, I decided to post info about services in Ghana and make general posts that my creativity will make me.Then, as per advice from expert bloggers on WP, I began responding to genuine comments, questions and suggestions. Then site stats showed increasing traffic to this blog. I feel some pressure to post regularly. However, I just as it is better to fill up 100 bottles one by one instead of throwing the water over them, I feel that if I should rather make important (traffic-worthy) posts instead of regular not-so-useful posts. I am fascinated when I watch the search engine terms in the Site Stats and see that it includes “Joseph Budu” and “Joseph Budu’s blog“.

I am glad I’m giving information that people want. I dedicate this post and blog to all who love to write, but are hesitating t ugly devil of procrastination.

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