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Mobile Number Portability [in Ghana]… Vodafone’s ‘Version’

12 July 2011

Why would you switch from your current network? Comment below.

(from Vodafone)

What is “Mobile Number Portability” or “MNP”?
It is the process that allows you to keep the same mobile number if you decide to change from one mobile service provider to another. IT conveniently removes your need to notify your friends about your new number if you decide to switch to another network.  Anyone who has been a customer of a mobile network for at least 30 days, and has not ported his number in the last 30 days can participate. [Very glad I qualify]

When can I port my number?
You can port from July 7 2011; it will be available between all existing mobile service providers in Ghana. [Nice]

Who can use the system?
MNP is available to all mobile service customers in ghana, as long as your number hasn’t been barred or suspended.

Do I have to pay for porting?
No. It is free. [Great! But you are not telling us that you have chosen to absorb it].

What do I have to do?

  1. Go to any Vodafone retail shop or authorised dealer and tell them that you would like to port your number. (Please note that porting can only be done by visiting the retail shop or authorised dealer and is not available by telephone or online). [Obviously]
  2. You will need to complete a “Porting Request Form”. [Obviously]
  3. You will be asked to provide proof of identity (Passport, Ghanaian Drivers’ License, National ID, Voter’s ID or NHIS card) and the active phone number you wish to port. [Obviously]
  4. You will be asked to send a free text from your phone. Vodafone will be able to help you do this if required. [Hm!]
  5. You will receive a text confirming that your request has been received.
  6. Vodafone will provide you with a new SIM card. [Then where’s the portability? Yes, its the number not the SIM card… great.. I got it].
  7. Under normal circumstances your porting will be completed within 24 hours. During busy periods the port may takek longer to complete. [Interesting disclaimer… LOL!] [Hope losing network doesn’t sabotage].
  8. You will receive a text message confirming your port is complete and you should change to your new Vodafone SIM card. If you are unsure how to do this, you can go ino the retail shop or authorised dealer and they will be able to help. At this time, anyone who calls you or sends a text message will reach you on the Vodafone network.

What else should I be aware of before I decide to port?

  • Any credit left on your old account will be lost after porting. [Yeah.. quite expected! m-stealing.. c’est portabilite.. mobile, pas  credit portabilite]
  • Messages which have been sent to you, but not delivered, may be erased. You will lose your voicemail including messages, SMS, MMS and additional services, and you will need to set these up again with Vodafone. [terribly unseamless system]
  • You should remember to copy or transfer any contacts or phonebook entries from your old SIM or phone. Vodafone staff will be able to assist you. [what is the use of your phonebook backup systems? Didn’t any of you see further to extend its functionality?]
  • Your friends and family may be charged differently when calling you after porting. Additional information on applicable rates can be obtained from Vodafone. [Yeah, expected rip-off prices.. but I hear its a characteristic.. get accustomed to it sir!]
  • If you experience any problems in receiving or making calls or receiving or sending text messages, you should report the issue promptly to Vodafone. [The sabteurs, B-E-W-A-R-E-!]
  • After porting is completed, you should use top-up cards from Vodafone. You are no longer a customer of your former mobile service provider. [Reminds of me of an alcoholic bevvy whose slogan is “The Ultimate… in…]
  • Porting does not release you from any contractual obligations or debt owed to your former mobile service provider. You bill should be paid, and deposits refunded. If you received bills for usage, you will receive a final bill from your former mobile service provider after the porting is completed. [Of course! No escape pod for confidence tricksters]
  • Your former mobile service provider must give you the means to recover any mobile banking or payment money which was on your account even after porting. [Certainly]
  • After at least 30 days at Vodafone, you are free to move back to your former mobile service provider or any other mobile service provider. [With all the attendant hassle outlined 1 to 8 above]
  • Whilst all mobile service providers will exercise reasonable skill and care in discharging their obligations under Mobile Number Portability, no compensation will be provided for loss of any kind through delay, disruption or lack of service resulting from the porting process. [political magnanimity]

Will I be bombarded with sales calls to stop me trying to switch?
No. Your old service provider is not allowed to contact you during the porting process to try and persuade you to stay with them. [they shouldn’t even think about it, unless they make all my friends’ numbers toll free! LOL’est] However, the old service provider can contact you to recover outstanding payments. [I’m prepaid].

Source: Ghanaian Times 12 July 2011 edition

NB: Author’s comments stricken through.

  1. how to port mtn to vodafone and manuel form and help to go about it.

    • Dear Elijah, your comment suggests that you currently use MTN, and want to port to Vodafone. So just walk into any Vodafone office, and request to port your number. They would give you a form to complete. You would be asked to send a short message to a number. Then they would configure a new (vodafone) SIM card for you with your existing (MTN) number. I think you have to wait till the MTN service goes off on your handset, then you insert the new SIM card! Voila, you would be a Vodafone subscriber!

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