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10 Reasons before Porting to Vodafone

12 July 2011

Reason 1

Oh! Really! It depends on where the trust is coming from, and for what. I trust Vodafone to churn out great advertisement (80% of the time). Further, I’ll rate their customer service in the telecoms industry as no.2. Apart from that I don’t fancy their service. They are unable to tell us their modems are not 3G. They want to play on our vision; they tell us that the broadband modem is 55 cedis and it comes with 3GB.. hope you get the trick. See, others (even faster and more economic in terms of subsequent bundles) are offering 4GB upon first purchase. If I’ll trust it, then it will go for the fixed broadband.. which is hard to get.. and they are afraid of expanding. Hey I need a fixed line in my home.. I trust you on that one… so build on it… not for mobile broadband nor mobile phone telephony. Pay to subscribe to make calls @ 8p/min else 14p/min to all networks (including Vodafone) if you want the bonus credit. You can’t eat your cake and have it, huh?

Reason 2

With 2G? I won’t even waste time here.. enough has been said under Reason 1. All I’ll say is that, if you can’t improve night call clarity to the standard of day calls at least… then make free night calls optional, because some of us prefer call clarity to cheap earbud piercing white noise.

Reason 3

Hm.. ridiculously outrageous. Spell out the conditions that qualify a customer for “double bonus credit”. Add the call tariffs for calls made by someone who enjoys “double bonus credit”. You’d rather be on “single credit”


Reason 4



Mind the ‘F‘ word! There’s no free lunch man!

The devil’s in the starred fine print.. find it out first.

Terms and conditions apply.





Reason 5

Extra Value… for extra cash…

Double Value… at double off-ripping…

Extreme Value… at extremely outrageous tariffs

What’s the bundle anyway? Laptop + 2G modem + 5 hrs Vodafone cafe airtime?

Click here for Part 2

  1. Emmanuel permalink

    U really amaze me, Boss.

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