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Are You Saved? I am!

13 June 2011

My soul would have blamed me if I had not been to church today. Having missed Sunday church services for about four weeks, I decided to keep this one holy, by hook or by crook. I had a spiritual longing that needed to be satisfied. I tried very hard to be on time and to partake in praises and worship, even if I miss the intercessor’s sermon. Even the rain and the muddy pathways won’t deter me. The puddles would smear muddy on my shoes.. I will rinse them off in the same. Now, I craved for the Mini Cooper even more!  I even forgot to add it to my fasting and prayer request.

I arrived at church on time to partake in praises and worship. I even recorded it with my new phone primarily because I wanted to learn some of the songs. Then the surprises began. Rev. Ismaila of the International Central Gospel Church, East Legon branch introduced two visiting men of God; Rev. Abedi from London, and one Dr. from Nigeria. Then Rev. Abedi was to deliver the day’s sermon apparently titled “Hell is Real”. He vividly described the outcomes during a previous delivery of the same message elsewhere like in the UK. It was primarily based on the revelations of Heal to 7 Columbian youths.

Ei.. Hmm… it begins with the Bible’s account of the rich man and Lazarus; Luke 16: 12 – 26. The Pastor noted that “there’s a limit to what money can do. After all the rich man died as (Lazarus) the poor man died. Even though money is good and important, it cannot earn you salvation. Two more verses were quoted from Isaiah 66:24… and a description of Hell at Mark 9:44. From the 7 Columbians’ account, there were four kinds of people noticed in Hell,

  1. Blasphemers and Sayers of Profanity (especially against the Holy Spirit and God Himself).
  2. Double-life Christians; those who profess to be Christians while indulging in un-Christian acts like lying and stealing. Hebrews 10 – 26 27; Isaiah 14: 11
    At this state in the account, it was clear that only human beings on earth right now had the opportunity to be saved, and thus go to Heaven.
  3. Defaulters of tithe and offerings; disobeying the law (Malachi 3:8 – 9)
  4. Ignorers of the Gospel.

Therefore to be assured of making the journey to Heaven, one should be

  • 100% sure of his/her personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • 100% of his/her personal fellowship with Christ.
  • 100% sure of her/his personal relationship with the Holy Spirit.

To be born again, one should personally receive Jesus Christ into her/his life and be determined to live a life guided by the Word of God and the Holy Spirit. It was well-noted that the Gospel is so simple, making it easily missable.

The six powerful results of Salvation include;

  1. forgiveness of all your sins- past, present and future if confessed.
  2. receipt of eternal life
  3. the status of a child of God.
  4. status of a new creation in Christ
  5. Assurance of going to Heaven, the New Jerusalem.
  6. Name written in Heaven in the Lamb’s Book of Life.

John 1:12; Romans 10 – 12

As per the opportunity offered thoroughly in the Bible, Rev. Abedi called for people who wanted to be saved, and those who wanted to re-dedicate their lives to Christ. You could say the simple prayer located on the bottom of “Receive your sight”

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  1. Powerful message. God bless you for sharing it

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