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Feel’n Free with Airtel (Ghana) Internet Bundles

7 June 2011

Hello net surfers, I am making this post at long last after itching for several months. It is specially to commemorate today; the day I used Airtel’s modem in my netbook for the first time. It was necessitated because even though my Expresso bundle was to expire today [7 June], it would not connect as if I did not have any balance left. I was expecting the expiry to be due at 11h59 at least. Nonetheless, I needed to send a quick mail to earn some points. Thankfully, we got caught in traffic, making it possible to borrow Ike’s Airtel modem. So this is how I reciprocate Airtel’s saving!

Even though I am not that much of Airtel’s fan, I will present their internet service as it is; I will compare it with the others in another post. In this post I show a list of Airtel Ghana’s internet bundles, and how to subscribe to them. Below is the list of the bundles available as at 6 June 2011.

From the above picture, its very obvious that you need to have at least ¢60.00 loaded  on your modem before you can buy a 4GB bundle. I would even advise that you have some ¢1.00  more than the amount you want to use to purchase a bundle. This is because you need to go online to purchase, and this takes part of the airtime you’ll use for the buy. Before you buy, the airtime is used on a pay-as-you-go basis. Thus without any ‘cushioning’ airtime, you may be short. So the first step is to have enough airtime. You may reload more using the Top Up button in the Airtel Internet software. When this is done, hit the Connection tab, and then click on Connect.

Second step is to open your web browser and enter this URL: ; this opens a page like below;

Obviously, you need to click that link to go to the subscription (bundle) selection page. That looks like the first image (which shows the various bundles available). If you have enough credit, and you have chosen the desired bundle, you should see a page like below;

If all is well, clicking on the Confirm link from should display a message as in below;

Voila! Disconnect and reconnect your modem.. and you’re online.. feeling free!

Check out Airtel’s Internet Bundle promotion running till 16 February 2012

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  1. I Really likely Airrel

  2. Duke permalink

    The airtel internet is useless. it just doesnt work even though you have lots of data

  3. DIVINE permalink

    I use Tigo internet everyday at my business centre but i could bundle for 1week or a month n two days there wouldn’t be network. I wish to switch to Airtel but am afraid it will also be the same as Tigo bcos all are ‘duka daya’.

  4. Ruth Abdulai permalink

    Can’t get the bundle to work after I have purchased 15GHS for 750MG
    On my IPAD

  5. ransford permalink

    Pls can u send me de short code used to bundle airtel internet

    • mary ann permalink


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