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Expresso (Ghana) Internet Bundles…from Cliq

18 May 2011

Hi netsurfers, I’m making this post because of high traffic to the post I made about MTN’s prepaid internet bundles. I use the Expresso modem too and thought I may meet some others’ need by blogging about it too. I may do a subsequent blog to compare the various services especially their charges (prices).. as to what speeds they offer. Some are terribly rip-offs. So Cliq powered by Expresso has its own bundles given some names I really fancy. They are listed below;

Expresso's Cliq Internet Bundles

  (Unfortunately) there is no rollover of unused capacity. I posed a question concerning this on their facebook group wall, and I had a political reply “we are committed to serving our customers better. We have noted your concern and working on it”.
It is worthy to note the speeds of the various bundles. This could inform which bundle you buy.

  • Gold:              3.0 mbps max
  • Premium:       2.5 mbps max
  • Regular:         1.8 – 2.0 mbps max
  • Cliq a Day      1.0 mbps max

It goes without saying that, you need to ensure there is sufficient airtime to purchase the desired bundle. To check your airtime balance;

  1. open your ZTE Wireless Application
  2. Go to the SendSMS section as already described
  3. Enter 01 as the recipient number
  4. Enter BAL as the message
  5. Send

You should shortly receive an SMS (in the InBox) informing you of your airtime balance. Now, I’m pretty sure 1GB should be enough for light use (email, internet searching, social media, chatting, and small attachment upload and downloads. That’s what I usually buy; I do heavy up/downloads somewhere else to save cost.
To buy a bundle,

  1. open the ZTE Wireless Application.
  2. Click the SMS button located on the bottom of the software window; its the fifth one.
  3. Click on the SendSMS tab on the left hand side. You now have two text boxes; the top one is to accept the recipient phone number, and the bottom one for the message’s content.

Purchasing Expresso Bundle

If I wanted to buy 1GB bundle, I’d

  1. enter 777 as the recipient number and
  2. enter act cliq as the actual message. act is the keyword in this command, followed by the name of the desired bundle. You should have something like there is in the image on the left.
  3. click on the Send button; its the second button on top of the first textbox. You should receive a message that “Your request is under progress and will be confirmed shortly”. If all is well,
  4. check your Inbox for another message confirming your purchase. You would want to know your balance especially because insufficient data balance would not allow you to establish a connection. So to check your balance,

1. Go to the SendSMS section as already described
2. Enter 0101 as the recipient number
3. Enter BAL as the message
4. Send

Check your Inbox for a message stating your balance. So go on ahead and browse with an expresso-ic twist!

You can find a list of Expresso’s customer service centers below;

Expresso Customer Service Centres and Contacts

Call Expresso for free on this number: 028-8888888 (all networks).

Customers can also reach Cliq on *88 and *99 (Expresso numbers only)

For those in the Ashanti Region, Expresso Kumasi is in the Aseda House, Adjacent A-Life with Toll free line 0288210029

  1. eric permalink

    for sometime now, i have not getting resection on expreso modem to make way for me to connect to internet. what do have to do.

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