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Receive Your Sight

29 April 2011


One thing I know, that though I am blind, now I see. John 9, 25

“He had never seen his mother’s face, neither the sun, nor a flower. He had never been able to cast a glance at himself or see his own face in a mirror, because he had been blind from birth.
He earned his living by begging. When he reached home every evening, he couldn’t see how dirty he had become from the dust in the streets of Jerusalem.
There he was again begging, when Jesus passed by. The blind man did not notice the Saviour looking at him. He did not realise that he was the centre of attention; then he felt clay being smeared over his eyes and heard the words, “Go o the pool of Siloam and wash!”.
What did it all mean? He had to go to Siloam and wash in the pool there? Had he perceived from Jesus’ words that “the works of God should be revealed in him” (v.3)? All we know is: he did what the Lord had told him, and suddenly he could see light and peopple. He had received his sight and had come from darkness to light. Soon he would meet the One who had healed him and worship him

Is this just a nice old story? No, it actually happened! And for us it has a deeper meaning. The blind man is an apt illustration of every person who has not received ‘sight’ through Jesus Christ. By nature nobody has any inclination to look to god or at himself to see his own inner condition (cf. Ephesians 4, 18). By nature we do not know the love of god and have no sure hope for eternity. But whoever believes the message of the Saviour Jesus Christ receives sight.”
From The Good Seed 2011 Bible Devotional, April 29.

The Bible says that “for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God”. If physical blindness could be so devastating and cause us to miss all those wonderful sights of our family and the environment,  much less getting to see His face when He appear in the sky in the full array of His glory. This is what spiritual blindness can cost us. If Jesus could cure physical blindness, then He can spiritual blindness. After all, He is the way, the truth and the light. Accept Him now, break away from your blindness and receive salvation now. Say this prayer with me;

Dear Jesus
I surrender my life to you
my thoughts, my words and deeds
i recognise that i am a sinner
and have fallen short of your glory
i invite you into my life right now
take charge and full control of it
be my Lord and personal Saviour
because you are the way, the truth and the light
no one gets to the Father except through you
i believe that you have granted me salvation, right now in Jesus’ conquering name, Amen

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