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MTN (Ghana) Prepaid Internet Bundle

25 April 2011


Pretty sure you are kicking! MTN Ghana now has data bundles. How’s that?! I remember walking into an MTN customer service center in East Legon two months ago to ask if I could buy a bundle on my dongle, because I realised it would be cheaper, as it is on the others I use. The rep said that option was only available for postpaid customers. But it was not ‘easy’ for a student for example to be on postpaid because of the requirements (one being a $75 deposit).
It is not like that anymore; MTN now has a bundle package for prepaid subscribers. What is the big deal you may ask? For example two months ago, I got 2GB data when I loaded ~$45 of airtime. Now ~$45 gives me 4GB if i buy the bundle after loading airtime. So what are the bundle packages available? How much do they cost?

MTN Internet Bundles

As a prepaid subscriber, you can buy internet bundles on your internet dongle or mobile phone (you could even recharge your dongle’s SIM with your phone if you are unable to enter the 14th digit on the recharge card using the MTN FastLink interface).

If you are buying a bundle

  • for your phone or
  • for your dongle through your phone,

be sure to have airtime that is sufficient to buy the desired bundle. Then dial *138# on your phone. This displays the various packages available for you to choose from. So if you want to buy 4GB for example, you should have 60GHC or more airtime. With this condition satisfied, press the key on your phone which will allow you to enter a response, then enter the number for the desired package and send.
You will receive another response
“Confirm purchase of __GHC-__(M/G)B.
1 confirm
9 Cancel”
so respond by entering, 1 and voila.. you will receive an on-screen message that you have successfully bought your bundle. You can check your balance (*124#) to confirm it.

On the other hand, buying a bundle directly from the dongle would look like the picture below.

Type *138# to display the available bundles

Open MTN F@stLink software. Click the Prepaid button. Then click the Account tab to open the USSD dialogue box . Type *138# into the textbox and click Send. This shows you the bundles like in the left picture. Now, type the number corresponding to the desired bundle into the text box, and click Send. This displays a window like  below. Enter 1 into the text box to confirm your purchase, or 9 to cancel it. Click on the

Confirm your selection

Send button to receive a confirmation of a successful purchase or cancellation.

If all is well, you should have a  message confirming a successful purchase. You can go back to the Balance tab to check your account balance. If you want to check your balance through text on your dongle, click on Prepaid in the F@stLink software, then click on the Account tab in the USSD dialog box. Enter *124# in the text box and click Send… voila.. you should have your balance information.
PS: Just a quick bit of information; MTN charges half price for off-peak browsing. Off-peak hours are between 12 am and 5am
. Go easy browsing everywhere you go!.. after you’ve left a comment below, hon! Or read about Expresso’s bundles. Click here to download the MTN Fastlink software.

Mum, in case you or a friend is or becomes a postpaid customer, you should go here for to purchase bundles. You may also visit their facebook page and make your complains or compliments. Much love… Kweku


  1. Pls I want to be part of intarnet boudle and the network is not good pls check it for me and I don’t want to stop using mtn so please do something for me

  2. Afrumba permalink

    Pls I want de auto Internet bundle code

  3. Papa Dove permalink


  4. Pius Nkpebu permalink

    Please Ican’t browse on my phone,SAMSUNG GALAXY.model S5301 mobile number is 0547568813.send me the code for internet activation.your customer care line is block WHY MTN???

  5. When I buy credit nd bundle I don’t even use but before the next day is finish including my own credit which is not bundle now am using Vodafone why pls I don’t want to loose u so check it for me Kk. Dis is my num 0541093845

  6. I want to be a customer o the internet bundle my phone number is 0542141188

    • Dear Samuel, please call the MTN customer help line. Thanks

  7. kwadwo i support you. i just uploaded 2 ghana cedis credit and it did not last for even 20 minutes. now i am using glo. mtn, why?

  8. Kindly send me informati on about mtn to mtn 400 talk and internet bundles activate text code on my phone and in ghana. Thanks for your cooperation to your customer always.

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