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Making the case for 1-Ghana

 =========  I ===========
10           The colonial masters split our Africa
20        According to their will and cruel nature
30                Its adverse impact still lingers on
40            Due to them and we playing oblivion
50                Such division I will not perpetuate
60                So I pray thee join me to mitigate
70          Need I say if you show me your friend
80          I may be unable to tell if you’re a fiend

 =========  II ===========
90           But from now if you tell me your tribe
100                 I’ll show you the work of a scribe
110        And if you show me your political party
120        I’ll show how you’re tearing our country
130   It’s only when you tell me you’re Ghanaian
140  That I’ll show my pride as a co-countryman
150        Who avoids any form of divisive mantra
160   Cos tho several people we’re in one Ghana

Copyright © 2013 | Joseph Budu

4 Reasons why students will invite you to be a Vetting Panel Member


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Since yesterday when executives of the School of Technology Students Association (SoTSA) invited me to sit on a panel to vet new aspirants for executive positions, I have been thinking, “why me?”  I ask because the same people had invited me to be their patron when they came into office. I turned it down because I didn’t want to add to three positions I already held in different capacities in my school. Well, I accepted this temporary assignment to be on the panel to vet some twelve candidates who had applied to be either the Association’s president, vice-president, general secretary, women’s organiser or financial secretary.

During a short break, I prepared a flash card with two questions for four of the students who invited me. I asked;

  1. Were you part of deciding Mr. Budu’s addition to the vetting panel? ____
  2. If yes, why did you think he should be part?

There was another lecturer on the panel; he was the Association’s Patron. So first, students will invite you for such an assignment because you are their Patron. The second to fifth reasons I share below from the responses the students provided on the flash cards.

Very critical when it comes to thinking. Vibrant and a merger between fun and seriousness.

YES. Looking at the student-lecturer relationship at SOT now, it was evident that [he] knows more about what students are capable of. This and many more, that’s why [he was] invited.

I actually gave the recommendation to the EC [Electoral Commissioner]. Why, because I believe in his judgement.

Yes, Mr. Budu is one of the people I know when given a task make[s] sure the task is done right. Again he has the welfare of students at heart. Also has one of the unique way of analysing stuff.

In summary, teachers need to

  1. establish good and respectable links with their learners inside and outside the classroom.
  2. challenge learners thinking – for they will know and appreciate that.
  3. do you work with all diligence anytime, anywhere, and dare to stand out.

Have you ever faced such situation? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Thank you.


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