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Making the case for 1-Ghana

 =========  I ===========
10           The colonial masters split our Africa
20        According to their will and cruel nature
30                Its adverse impact still lingers on
40            Due to them and we playing oblivion
50                Such division I will not perpetuate
60                So I pray thee join me to mitigate
70          Need I say if you show me your friend
80          I may be unable to tell if you’re a fiend

 =========  II ===========
90           But from now if you tell me your tribe
100                 I’ll show you the work of a scribe
110        And if you show me your political party
120        I’ll show how you’re tearing our country
130   It’s only when you tell me you’re Ghanaian
140  That I’ll show my pride as a co-countryman
150        Who avoids any form of divisive mantra
160   Cos tho several people we’re in one Ghana

Copyright © 2013 | Joseph Budu


How to look good as a gentleman

First impressions count. If you don’t look good nobody will like you. Someone can just look at you and say hi, or even buy you a car. Therefore as a man you have to look good. There are several ways to look good as a gentleman.

  1. First, you need a good wristwatch.
  2. Second, you need a good car.
  3. Third, you need a good shirt like this one.

Fourth, you need good sunglasses.

Remember, getting these things are important if you want to command respect and gain success.